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Maintenance & Conditioning


Staying fit is not only about transformation, it is just the beginning of your journey. 
In here, we have specialists who could offer you tailor-made and specific services to uphold your hard earned physique. 
From now on, you are not only looking good but functional as well. 

  • There will be an in-depth review and consultation with you who previously have done a transformation and would like to go further with it. 

  • Goals will be specifically set in a measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound manner. 

  •  Diet plan will be customised according to your needs. Sustainability is our priority. 

  • Ongoing communications are guaranteed to maximise desirable outcomes. 

  •  The program aims to help you to maintain your desirable physique with improvement on performance at the same time. 

  • More than that, we hope to get you to living a healthy lifestyle.

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