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Decrease BFP Tips 1.3 - How to stay satiated when you are dieting?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Lots of times people relate starvation to a fat loss diet, is it always true? Big NAH! Most of our clients found the customised diet plans very satiating rather than suffering from hunger all the time. How is that possible? First, we need to understand what is working inside our body. Feelings of hunger and fullness are controlled by 2 counteracting hormones. The following practices help dieters to have an easier life throughout the diet:

  1. Hydration Dehydration is always masked by feelings of hunger, scientists said. You could tell you are dehydrated if you are having a dry mouth or eyes and a light headache. Don’t be fooled by dehydration!

  2. Replace calorie-dense food Pick food that is lower in calories per gram. For example, 100g of pasta contains 131kcals, while 100g of boiled broccoli contains one-fourth calories of the pasta. Sticking with this method, it could help you get through a calories deficit period.

  3. Solid food is your friend Reduce or even eliminate intake of liquid food as they are not satiating and take literally no time to be digested. While food with high protein and fat content could keep you feeling full for a longer time since they need more time to be fully digested. One FUN fact about protein is that it actually helps you to burn off some calories while digesting, we call it “Thermic Effect of Food (TEF)”.

  4. Sleep You need to know more about sleep as it plays an important role in weight control. Good quality of sleep helps our body to recover and function optimally. If you have an issue in falling asleep, try to develop some good PRE BED habits. For instance, stay away from electronic gadgets since blue light will interrupt our circadian rhythm - making us harder to fall asleep. If you woke up in the middle of night, try to make your bedroom as black as possible and do not drink too much water beforehand. In addition, alcohol is bad for sleeping quality too due to its dehydration effects.

In short, don’t be scared to start with a proper diet just because some guys told you that we must suffer during a cut. With the right amount of rest and being smart on food choices, things will be sorted out nice and smooth. Hope you guys found the information provided handy and stay tuned for more content!

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