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Nutrition & Supplementation 1.2 - Should you take creatine?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

“Creatine hurts your liver and kidney”, “Creatine dehydrates you and causes convulsion.” Have

you heard about those responses when you are talking about creatine with your friends or even

gym buddies? Are they true? How does it work?

It has always been a controversial topic in the fitness industry, which makes it complicated.

In fact, creatine is everywhere instead of artificially made in labs. You could find them in red

meats and fishes. For instance, one pound of raw salmon or beef has 1-2g of creatine. The

misunderstandings towards creatine supplement has been debunked by the International

Society of Sports Nutrition that is extremely safe to consume and is one the most beneficial

supplements in the market.

Right, we could confirm that creatine does no harm to our body but how does it help with our

performance and why would we need creatine as a supplement? Supplementing creatine is

proven to be effective in increasing strength and lean mass thanks to its function in converting

energy source (ADP) back to usable energy (ATP). In this way, more work (training volume) can

be done with more usable energy leading to better muscle gain. Yet, it is not a supplement that

could be taken by everyone. People with kidney issues are not recommended to take any form

of creatine supplement; if so, doctor approval is highly recommended. Generally speaking, 5g of

creatine supplement daily is optimal.

Hope you found the information above useful and stay tuned for more interesting content!

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