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Stayfit even on a busy schedule

Caroline was busy with work and it wasn’t easy for her to find time to train and maintain good eating habits. After careful adjustments and regular training, she’s shown significant results in just 8 weeks!

Caroline’s body type is ‘Skinny fat’ which refers to having a relatively high percentage of body fat and a low amount of muscle mass. This type of body mostly occurs in people who have a long-term intake of high carbohydrates and lack exercise. To achieve the long-term goal of reducing fat and increasing muscle, changes in lifestyle and eating habits are key.

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瘦胖子(Skinny fat)就是指那些穿起衣服時不會顯露體脂實際情況的人,這種身型大都是發生在長期攝取高碳水化合物而缺乏運動的人身上。一般體脂高而


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