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The larger role of micronutrients

In our Fat Loss 1.2, we have covered Macronutrients. How about Micronutrients? What are the differences? “Macros” refers to a bigger portion or amount and obviously “Micros” means smaller relatively. Generally speaking, micronutrients mainly consist of vitamins and minerals. Despite the number of micronutrients we need is small, it is essential for our bodies to function optimally such as energy production, blood clotting, immunity, etc. On the other hand, minerals are salient for bone health, growth, fluid balance, etc.

So why does micronutrient matter in our fitness journey? Vitamins and minerals not only play an important role in maintaining good health conditions but also directly related to metabolism and the process of muscle building. Hence, the fat-burning ability in our bodies is being optimized. An Adequate intake of all micronutrients is necessary for optimal health, as each vitamin and mineral has a specific role in your body.

Water-soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins


Hope you found the above information is helpful and stay tuned for more interesting content!

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