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Topic: Training 1.3 - Tips on how to keep up with training progress at home.

COVID-19, gyms have been locked down several times. For those trainers who told

you that you could still make progress at home, not true. You could only maintain what you are

having by training at home rather than actually progressing, otherwise, all of the gyms and

equipment manufacturers will be out after the pandemics. Home workout is tricky as the

standards are quite different from the weights in the gym. 3 key points to bear in mind while

being creative in working out at home:

1. Don’t ever try to mimic a deadlift with home equipment.

2. Backpack, water bottles, and resistance bands are your friends.

3. Mind your tempo.

Here is some advice to train at home:

Hope the above suggestion could help you guys get through the 4th lockdown and please leave

us a comment if you have any questions or better options on the exercise selection. Most

importantly, stay safe and maintain good personal hygiene!

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