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Training 1.1 - Ab Workouts

No matter you are looking for fat loss or muscle building, doing compound exercises over abs exercises could be much more effective.

This doesn’t mean abdominal work is unnecessary; however, a well-structured training program

with adequate compound exercises can actually train your abs at the same time. Take a look at

the “Big 3”, namely Bench Press, Deadlift, and Squat. These 3 exercises are famous mass

builders which incorporate a lot of core stability if done correctly. How? It is a very simple

concept. When you are engaging your core during a bench press, deadlift, or squat, you are

contracting the abdominals isometrically unlike the eccentric and concentric work brought by

the abs exercise alone. While switching our focus on compounds, it has the best bang for the

buck and saves TIME. Here are the exercises that train your abs at the same time:

- Squat

- Deadlift

- Bench Press

- Military Press

- Pull Up/Chin Up

- Any form of bent over exercises (Row/lateral raises)

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