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BODY Recomposition 

Are you a weight training enthusiast looking for a premium gym in the heart of Central with personal trainers who can help you achieve an inspiring body recomposition? 

Body recompositions are not just about unlimited weight training and sticking to your diet. It takes intelligent training to see results, and this is where STAYFIT’s Body Recomposition programme comes in. To fully optimize your training, our team of personal trainers will help you create a bespoke body recomposition training programme in a cohesive environment that is our world class gym in Central. Moreover, our Body Recomposition programme is designed to maximize your performance to prevent your results from plateauing so that you can push your body to its full potential. 

BODY Recomposition .jpg


  • We begin with an in-depth consultation with the client to fully understand their goals, their struggles and their current lifestyle 

  • From there we go through an extensive screening process which includes your movement capabilities, body fat levels, cardio capacity, training age, and even a full blood test for to view your health panel.

  • We provide a fully customized diet plan to get the fastest results for you, along with specialized training and cardio plan for your body. We include additional services such as outside training plans, mobility routines, recovery routines, and medically approved supplement protocols.

  • You will receive on-going communication throughout the process with regular updates to the program to keep the results coming every single week!

  • The goal of this programme is to keep things as simple as possible and achieve the fastest results for you to attain. On top of that, we will instruct you on how to keep your dream body and how to structure flexibility into your lifestyle.   Let our seasoned team of personal trainers and coaches take your fitness journey to the next level with our body recomposition programme at our gym in Central today!

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