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12 Week Transformation

If you possess a good training plan and execution method, but are still unable to alter the shape of your body, what could be the issue? The following major principles aim to shed light on the reasons behind this. Body transformation encompasses several key principles.

1) Calorie deficit

2) Weight Training

3) Increase Activity Level

4) Progressive Overload

5) Supplements

6) Recovery


如果已經有好的訓練計劃和執行方法但為什麼不能改造身型? 究竟是那裡出錯? 那我嘗試將以下幾個大原則跟大家道出箇中原因。


1) 卡路里赤字

2) 重量訓練

3) 提升活躍度

4) 漸進式超負荷

5) 補充品

6) 復原

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