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2 arm Lat Pulldown

Train your Muscle Mind Connection with this Lat Pulldown isolation exercise. Using light loads to optimize the benefit s of an MMC, especially when using compound movements.

Some beginners cannot feel the resistance in the weights so will choose to use heavier weights in the process. But this could be counterproductive. To improve in MMC, use lighter weights and make slower movements, and use TEMPO.

People with poor muscle sense can try to pull down the handle first and pause for 10 seconds (Isometric hold) before continuing, which can greatly improve muscle sense.

對於單關節阻力訓練 (Isolation exercise),首先是肌肉感應 (MMC Muscle Mind Connection)。很多時,初學者因為缺乏肌肉,感受不到重量訓練給身體帶來的阻力感,這是很正常的。於是很多人會用更重、更大的阻力來讓肌肉有感覺,反而適得其反。要提升MMC剛開始的時候可以先用輕一點的重量,然後讓動作做慢一點。 這就是我們所說的節奏,這樣除了能有較提升MMC之外更可提升增加肌肉的效果。


(1) 先沉肩,以背闊肌為主導肌肉

(2) 挺胸,然後用1秒向下拉

(3) 把手拉至下巴位置後停頓 1 秒並收緊背闊肌

(4) 最後將兩側的肩胛骨夾在一起 (突顯背部中線)

(5) 然後用 3 秒慢慢將把手放回上方

*整個節奏稱為 3011 (先由低位向心收縮開始計算)

肌肉感差的人可以嘗試先將把手拉下並停頓10秒 (Isometric hold) 再繼續,可以大大改善肌肉感應。

*這個視頻便示範了在最後一下用 10 秒放回把手,除了可提升MMC之外更可增加肌肉訓練時的張力。

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