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How to train your posterior chain with glute hamstring raises

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Why do we need to improve our posterior chain? Just like doing bench presses to have stronger triceps and like most people love to do squats and deadlifts. But what’s the use if we don’t have a strong posterior chain? GHR (Glute Hamstring Raise), which may seem like a very boring exercise, is the most easiest and direct way to train our main posterior chain (Erector spine, glutes, and hamstrings). In the video are the 3 different levels of GHR Level 1 Beginner (1) Bend over upper body to horizontal level. (2) Then use the hamstrings to pull the body to starting position. Level 2 Intermediate (1) Bend over upper body to horizontal level. (2) Lay your upper body on your stomach and extended it forward. (3) Tilt the buttocks and use the hamstrings to pull the body back to starting position. Level 3 Advance (1) Body starts vertical and lean 90 degrees downward. (2) Use hamstrings to slowly pull the

body back to starting position. Tips: ❗Thighs should be slightly forward so the hamstrings will be engaged, and the buttocks should not be turned too far back. ❗The whole movement is dominated by the posterior chain muscles, so it is normal for the waist to be engaged. ❗Warm up before performing this training independently to avoid straining the hamstring muscles. If you want optimal performance in squats and deadlifts, do this exercise! 我們經常說要提升後鏈肌群,為什麼?正如臥推都要有強壯的三頭肌,所以大家喜愛做深蹲和硬拉,如果沒有強壯的後鏈肌群那又如何有更良好的表現呢? 視頻中的是臀肌膕繩肌上提 (GHR Glute Hamstring Raise),看似是很沒趣和無聊的器械,但非常有用!這工具是最簡單和最直接的訓練到我們最主要的後鏈肌群,就是豎脊肌、臀肌和膕繩肌。 視頻中示範了三種不同難的程度: Level 1 初級 (1) 先彎腰到水平線 (2) 然後用膕繩肌將身體慢慢拉回原位 Level 2 中級 (1) 先彎腰到水平線 (2) 然後將上身俯臥並伸展向前方 (3) 翹起屁股再用膕繩肌將身體慢慢拉回原位 Level 3 高級 (1) 身體完全垂直並90度向下 (2) 再用膕繩肌將身體慢慢拉回原位 溫馨提示: ❗大腿要稍稍向前,那麼膕繩肌才會有參與性,而且屁股不要翹得太后。 ❗基本上整個動作是由後鏈肌群作主導,所以腰有參與性是正常。 ❗每次最好先有足夠熱身才獨立進行這項訓練,以免拉傷膕繩肌。 想練好深蹲和硬拉的你,明天開始每星期都練吧!

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