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Impactful Results in 6 Months

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Meet Andrea.

Body weight 155lbs ➡️99lbs

Body fat percentage 36% ➡️14%

6 months

Andrea came to us during the epidemic and was not satisfied with her physical health. The main cause of her weight gain is stress. Many people don’t know that stress can be a factor that can change hormones and fluctuate in weight gain and loss.

We’ve customized a plan for her that includes weight training, supplement intake, and stress management.

If you are looking for an effective body transformation method, contact us and let us do a comprehensive free professional evaluation for you.




第一天見到 Andrea,覺得她異常緊張,這不單只是身型問題,而是面對疫情、工作和家庭各方面也給她帶來無比的壓力。對於每個來 STAYFIT 找我們進行身型改造的客人,我們也會為他們作一全面評估,除了生活,飲食和運動習慣,也會了解其生活狀況。

而 Andrea 主要致肥原因,其實是來自壓力!壓力是一個無形殺手,會令我們賀爾蒙改變,以致暴肥或暴瘦。


Andrea 的收穫:

Body weight 155lbs ➡️99lbs

Body fat percentage 36% ➡️14%

6 months


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