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Increasing Activity Level

Individuals who have a high body fat percentage and low muscle mass are typically the result of prolonged inactivity and excessive calorie consumption. To enhance the body's capacity to metabolize fat, it is essential to increase physical activity levels. This can be achieved by engaging in various forms of exercise to stimulate the entire body and enhance the body's ability to burn fat. One of the most common and effective ways to boost activity levels is through Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). NEAT includes daily walking, household chores, and dancing while performing daily tasks. It is important not to underestimate the benefits of these seemingly trivial activities. For instance, walking 10,000 steps can burn approximately 500 calories, with every 1,000 steps burning around 50 calories. It is generally recommended that individuals aim to walk between 12,000-15,000 steps per day. Many people may feel overwhelmed by this target, but it can be broken down into three separate time periods: morning, noon, and evening. Additionally, individuals should consciously strive to incorporate walking into their daily routines, such as taking short-distance routes instead of using transportation. By making these small changes, it can be relatively easy to achieve the recommended daily step count. 提升活躍度 體脂較高而缺乏肌肉的人一般是因為長期缺乏運動和卡路里攝取量超標所致。要提升身體消脂能力,首先要增加身體活動量,例如:進行不同形式的運動,令整個身體活躍度提升,繼而提升消脂能力。 其中一個較容易提升活躍度,常用和有效的方法就是 NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)。 日常走路、做家務、處理日常瑣事以至說話時手舞足蹈都屬於 NEAT活動。不要少看這些瑣事帶來的好處,以走路作例子,如果行1000步能燃燒50卡路里,那麼10000步就能燃燒500卡路里了! 一般我們建議學生們每日行12000-15000步。很多學生第一個反應怎樣能行這麽多?要一次過行12000步,對於現今都市人,確實有點難度,所以我會建議分早、午、晚3個時段進行,同時有意識地在生活中盡量爭取行路的機會,如短程的路線就選擇行,選擇坐地鐵不坐的士,那麼就很容易達標。 #stayfithk #stayfitpt #stayfit

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