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From weight loss to muscle gain, our personal training service is to help you achieve your fitness goals. But don’t just take our word for it — here’s what Andrea, who lost 55lbs over 5 months training with us last year, has to say — 6 months after her transformation. “I was really happy about my transformation after personal training Stayfit . I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I wanted to achieve after hitting my goals — but I fell in love with strength training and decided to continue. In the 6 months since my weight loss journey came to an end, I now have the toned physique I never even knew I could achieve.” — Andrea 題目:任何事都可能 由減脂到增肌,Stayfit 都可以助你達成任何目標。 我們光說沒意思,看看Andrea,她去年在五個月的訓練中先減掉了 55 磅,六個月後,她變成這樣。 Andrea說:[我很開心找到Stayfit幫我作身型改造,改造後我沒有想太多要怎樣去維持,因為我徹底愛上了重力訓練和在健身中心每一時刻。6個月前減肥成功後,我又進入了另一狀態,是我從沒有想過我可以。] #stayfit #stayfithk #stayfitpt

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