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Online training yielded great results for me!

With the guidance of STAYFIT coaches, Ken was able to improve his living habits, which included adjusting his diet and receiving weight training guidance. As a result, he successfully shed 20 kg in just 10 months.

Ken has shared his thoughts on this transformational journey, which included both gains and losses. He not only learned a lot about health knowledge, but also developed a positive life attitude and strong discipline.

“At the start, it was a challenging process. Keeping up a food diary, maintaining a calorie deficit, and walk over 10,000 steps every day, which was very different from my previous lifestyle. I often felt scared and apprehensive, thinking "Cutting calories again? Where can I find the time for 3 days a week training?..." But whenever I weight myself and look at the mirror, I felt that the coaching method by Jonathan was effective and suitable, and people around me could also see my progress. With each milestone, I became more motivated and disciplined.

In the end, I was able to lose my old lifestyle and most "baby fat". Now I know, even I can do it! “


Ken 利用10個月時間,透過STAYFIT教練指導,改善生活習慣,包括飲食調節和重力訓練指導,成功減去20公斤。




-開始時真係好辛苦。因為要寫飲食日記,之後又要calories deficient,又要每日最少行萬幾步。同我生活方式好有距離。 我嗰時時常有以下既反應:「吓!又cut 卡路理?吓!train 3日?我邊到有時間?… 」

但當我每次上磅同照鏡,我就知道coach Jonathan俾我既方法係適合,而身邊既人都會感受到我個progress。當越有成績,自己就自自然然越有規律。

而失去既就一定係我舊有生活方式同埋“baby fat” 啦🤣!


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